Transmission system

German ZF 3WG94 automatic gearbox

Cooling system

Adopt the car design concept

Structural Features

The high-strength frame formed by high-quality steel welding

Drive Axle

Longitudinal swing arm independent suspension, "coil spring + two-way hydraulic cylinder" shock absorber



Customers from Southeast Asia v

LTMA machinery warmly welcome customers from Southeast Asiaon March.21,2018. Our reception personnel made detail introduction to customers about companys development history and baggage towing tractors products, customers have a certain und...


Congratulations! The third ship

On August 18, 2018, is an extraordinary day for LTMA Machinery. The third batch of airport tractors are about to depart for Southeast Asia, which is a great encouragement for us. This is the trust from our customers and the best appreciatio...


Good news! LTMA towing tractor

On June.7 th ,2018, 8 units of LTMA baggage towing tractor were exported to Southeast Asian countries again. All of the towing tractor will be in operation at the airport soon.This batch was the order from our old customer. Customers suppor...


LTMG Group Volunteer Day

On August 31, 2018, under the leadership of the senior management of LTMG Group, LTMG volunteers launched a volunteer activity on August 31, 2018 to send warmth and care to the special children of Xiamen Social Welfare Institute. LTMG volun...